A Bodhi Tree gift voucher is the best way to share the Bodhi Tree experience. It's the perfect gift for any special occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirement. We believe that everyone comes to build at the right time, building a Bodhi Tree Surfboard is an experience as well as a surfboard. We have created an environment that allows each builder to have a unique experience creating a functional art piece whilst sharing a bbq, learning a craft, meeting new people, and most of all, building a board that will mark a special time in their life now to carry and collect memories into the future. All vouchers are valid for 12 months, they are non-refundable but they are transferable if your recipient isn't frothy. 

When you order your voucher click store pick up and we'll send the voucher via email and you can print it out for delivery. Our favorite recommendation is to print the voucher as an iron on transfer and put it on a t-shirt then when you give your gift your recipient will think they're just getting a t-shirt and you'll be able to watch the penny drop. 


The DIY or Credit Voucher gives your builder a DIY starter pack which includes the frame to build their very own board, or if they want to do a workshop they can cash it in for a $300 credit to upgrade to a workshop (limit of 3  vouchers can be cashed in per workshop).

The Workshop gift voucher is the dream gift, whether it's from a special someone, a special family, and great bunch of friends or colleagues, it is the gift that will blow someone's mind.

The 1st option is the standard build (standard in length not in quality) is any board from 5' to 8', from a little fish to a mini mal. This voucher is $1250, or $1600 including glassing (glassing separately is $500)

The 2nd option is our 9'3 Mal workshop which is $1500, or $1900 including glassing (glassing the mal separately is $600)

The 3rd option is our SUP voucher which is to build either of our 8'4" or 9' surf SUPs or the 10ft river SUP. The builds are $2000, $2250, and $2500 without glassing and $2500, $2850, and $3150 with glassing, the froth is free. 

We have payment plans available and we accept credit card (+2.2% surcharge), eft, and Paypal. All prices are excluding GST. Gift vouchers are transferable but not refundable, they are valid for 12 months. Please make sure you're happy with your purchase, we can extend the timeframe if necessary.


 If you have any questions or a special request please give me a bell or drop me a line.