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At Bodhi Tree Surfboards we want to spread the Love. We are lucky enough to work in a job that fulfills the urge to follow our passions and bliss and we want to share it. Our boards for causes are built to draw attention to your endeavour with a piece of functional art that will do your cause proud long into the future. Whether your cause is a formal charity, a good will fund raiser, a special occasion, a gift for someone in need, or a corporate logo carrier that will turn heads we can help you see your desire become a reality.

Charity Fund Raising Boards

Our charity boards are built at cost price with a big chunk of our time thrown in to help you realise your goal. We can build you a board to carry the logo of your charity that you can then auction to raise funds and build awareness. We believe the universal appeal of surfboards combined with the unique and bespoke elements of a hollow wooden surfboard can break down barriers which will enable easier and greater discussion of the cause you are championing. As with all Bodhi Tree Surfboards what we build for you will be a one of piece of functional art that will look just as good in the water as on the wall of a home or organisation that supports you.

We will assist you in relaying your message with additional design elements such as photos, quotes, original art additions, and what we believe will give the board the greatest appeal to raise you the most amount of funds and awareness.


Our charity boards have included a board raffled with all proceeds donated to Ronald McDonald House in Perth. A board for "The Crossing", a 4000km bike ride to raise awareness and funds for the Autism Association of Western Australia. The Classroom of Hope board to honour it's founder Duncan Ward for all that he gives to those in need.

Good Will Fundraisers

Similar to our Charity Boards our Good Will Boards are designed to help you raise the awareness of your cause and hopefully raise you a cash injection to help the cause you are supporting. Whether it's a friend in need, an environmental issue, a school fund raiser, a sporting adventure raffle prize or another cause that will see the board raising you funds and awareness for your Good Will recipient. These boards can be built for you but what we encourage is that you or your group are a part of the build.


We will run you through one of our courses at a discounted rate so the board has a greater impact on yourself, your cause, the new owner, and the recipient of your Good Will. We recommend a 3 month lead period to build the board but if push comes to shove we can pull out all of the stops to make it happen so you can make it happen.


Our only stipulation with the Good Will build is that all proceeds are given to the recipent. We also reserve the right to determine if your cause is something we wish to support you in supporting.

Corporate Boards

Whether it's a trophy or a promo board with your logo on we will build you something that is guaranteed to turn heads and be an expression of the quality and craftsmanship that your business represents.


We can put your logo front and centre or find a way to create something that truly expresses what you do, one of our motto's at Bodhi Tree Surfboards is that if you can think it we can build it.


We also offer corporate board builds where your team can build a board. We can design a program that impacts upon your team as much as the finished board will impact on your business. From building the frame to glassing the board we will ensure your team knows that they are part of something bigger and that the part they play is important.


Our corporate boards include the Red Bull Trophy for the inaugural Red Bull Two Fin Surfing Comp. A corporate disply board for MIRKA who are the world leaders in dustless sanding technologies, and a few other projects still waiting to peek out from under the covers. 

Special Occasion Boards

It may be your wedding, a birth, or any other day you want to remember, we can build you a board that will hold your memories and that one day you'll be able to hand down to your kids, someone special, or that organisation or team that helped you achieve your dream.


We can build you anything from an Alaia signing table, a neat little belly board, or a custom board with your personal touches added for that special day or occasion and then we'll glass it so you can take it out for a surf or hang it on your wall to shine your memories and keep that special time close to you.


Some things in life only happen once and we want you to have something special to remember those times.


If you are an expectant of a little bundle of joy we welcome you to come a build a board that your grommet will always know that "Mum" or "Dad built that board"

(The first board I ever built was a 9 foot Mal for my 3 month old son, from little things big things grow!)

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