Blow someones mind with a workshop voucher to build their own board. 

They will create the decks, build the frame, skin the board, attach the rails and shape a functional surfboard that will look as good on the wall as in the water. The boards are built to surf, they are functional art that will hold memories in and out of the water we hope for a lifetime. The workshop takes aroung 40 hrs or 6 days for a surfboard and around 8 day or 50 hrs for the paddle board. We have flexible schedules and will adcommodate for availability whenever possible. 


The workshop provides all materials, consumables, tool use, and tuition to completion of the board.

The workshop voucher cost does not cover glassing.

$1250 excluding GST 

Valid for 12 months, transferable but non refundable.


The $1250 Ultimate gift Voucher is to build any board from 5 to 8ft  

Ultimate Gift Voucher upto 8ft

  • The voucher is valid for 12 months for a start. The voucher can be transfered but is non refundable, the time frame for starting can be extended upon request for a further 12 months.