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It's like a chilly morning when you rock up to a new break, the car is nice and warm, a classic song comes and you wait and watch, it's clean, definitely a few walls, but it's small, and it's super cold and you really wish you went to the dunny when you were at home, but it looks better and better the longer you watch it.  Jump in, take the   plunge, you know you want to. You put your wetty on because there's something about surfing that's in your blood, the culture, the vibe, the feeling of sand in your toes, having jelly arms, water draining from your nose at inappropriate times, mind surfing for barrels and barrels, the spark never fades. Building a board is all of those things in a shed.

As Jesus said, "Shape a man a board and he'll froth for a day, teach him how to shape and he'll froth forever"


PUSH THE BUTTON From $30 a week over 12 months you can build your own hollow wooden surfboard. Come in and get started and chip away to create something that will blow your socks off.

Your toes hit the water and you question your sanity, it hits your crotch and you look up and say a quick prayer, you paddle out and get clubbed by a sneaky set before you get out the back, you paddle, you turn, the water is clear, the shoulder starts to wall up, you're on.  

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